New Article: Who’s Colonising Whom?

We often read or hear it said today that the Jews are the “colonisers” and “imperialists” in the Middle East but who’s been fact-checking this? The building of settlements in the West Bank is a complex issue which must be carefully negotiated to create a second Palestinian Arab state (Jordan being the first) but, all too often, rhetoric is obscuring reason. It seems to me that many have been standing too close to the Palestinian tree to see the Arab forest. Read about it here>>

Answering Brian Tamaki

The day before Kaikoura’s massive 7.8 earthquake on 13th November, Brian Tamaki, leader of New Zealand’s Destiny Churches, was telling a congregation that the earth “convulses under the weight of certain human sin.” Explaining why Christchurch had suffered devastating earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 which killed 185 people, including my friend Wally Tairakena, Mr. Tamaki said..."No other sin in the whole of the Bible has any connection to earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions, but sexual perversions alone.”
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This book, subtitled 'THE TWO WITNESSES & DAVID'S LEGACY' is Book Four in the Revelation Series, and explains Rev 11:1-13. For those wondering how the Law of Moses is relevant today or why Jerusalem is the most fought-over city on the earth...
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Ridding Ourselves of Squid Ink

For me, one of the most surprising, and truly enlightened, factors in the Age of Enlightenment in 17th and 18th Century England was the role of cafés, or as they were known then, coffeehouses... these first cafés fostered theological and philosophical debate and, historians tell us, significantly contributed to the development of Britain’s financial markets, newspapers, literature, arts, and political parties.

For the admission price of a penny, people could enjoy a cup of the newly discovered beverage, or tea or hot chocolate, as well as to learn and discuss the news and issues of the day. The first English coffeehouses, in the university city of Oxford, were patronised by eminent scholars and became known as “penny universities”...

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Eating Sacred Cows is Graeme’s most controversial book. This expanded and revised edition is essential reading for Christians about tithing today. Find out more and buy a copy today.


Revelation was readily understood by 1st Century Jewish believers and Gentiles taught by Jewish believers. It can therefore be understood by us today if we learn what they would have known from their knowledge of the Old Testament.



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